Dashain and Tihar Festival 2019 at BKN

Our Belgian friends René Njis and Yves Meremans decided to come back to Nepal and climb the Larkya Peak! Their family and friends sponsored this special expedition so they could fundraise for our day care center in Sankhu.

Rajendra Basnet and the teachers were very pleased with the visit. Thank you for supporting this school for toddlers, where they get good care and learning and playing methods. We are blessed through the help of so many Belgian people.

Beginning of the new school year 2019 at BKN

At Bal Kshetra Nepal (BKN) a new school year has started. This has been possible due to the help of Lut Verlinden & Tony Schilders, who fundraised in their schools in Belgium, and private donors from Belgium. GCW could again give a donation to BKN to make sure these toddlers have a wonderful year!

Donation books & uniforms for the students in Simtal Primary School – Sarangkot

For this school year 2018-2019, the Simtal Primary School in Sarangkot, near Pokhara, requested money from GCW to support them in buying new books, copies, pencils & uniforms for the 30 students.

On April 25th, our coordinator Goma Thapa handed out the new books and uniforms for the students.

Thank you to private donors to support this little project.

To get to know this little school and the re-start 2 years ago, please watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0IY9dtIa08

Thank you to Peter Haesendonck & Ingrid Stouffs.

Visit to Bal Kshetra Nepal

In November 2018 Sabine Molemans was welcomed in BKN by the Chairman Rajendra Basnet, Principal Bimala Tamang and rest of the staff. With the help of the OLVI School in Boom, Belgium and personal donors from Belgium, she could give a donation to support the day to day operation of the day care center as the school was in a dire need of funds to sustain the organisation.

The kids in the day care center come from very poor backgrounds and BKN needs financial support to run. Global Child Welfare recognises this need and is committed to support the project.