Bal Kshetra Nepal (BKN) Update

Nepal is going through hard times. Since April 2021, lockdown is on most of the time, so it is hard for the children to go to school. Online classes are provided but kids have to gather as not everyone has Internet or a device.

This summer the teachers did house visits to motivate the children and bring some gift like copy and writing material. All kids miss the teacher and miss coming to the day care center.
We wish the situation in Nepal will improve soon.

Thank you to all our sponsors.

Simtal School & BKN Activities 2021

Due to extended Covid 19 life in Nepal became more difficult. While schools in the cities maintained with online classes, local schools in the villages started to open. At the moment most schools are back to normal giving physical classes again. But as schools are back to normal giving physical classes again. But as schools started late for this school year 2020-2021, they will prolong the school year till June (normally the school year finishes end of March before Nepali New Year in April).

We would like to express our gratitude for Greta Lowel and the community of Boortmeerbeek (Belgium) for their continuous support as well as private donors. 

As teachers were still copying school material manually, we could provide a new printer in the Simtal Primary School in Sarangkot. We also could offer support to our BKN day care center in Sankhu. They opened on 17th of January 2021. 

Thank you to our Nepali team Goma Thapa and Rajendra Basnet for their heart-opening enthusiasm and energy. 

Donation books & uniforms for the students in Simtal Primary School – Sarangkot

Although schools are not open yet due to the Covid19 Pandemic, students prepare themselves to start studying at home. For this school year 2020-2021 the Simtal Primary School in Sarangkot, near Pokhara, requested money from GCW to support them in buying new books, copies, pencils & uniforms for the 38 students. On August 1st our coordinator Goma Thapa handed out the new books to the students.

Thank you to private donors to support this little project.