Bal Kshetra Nepal (BKN) was established in 2004 and it has been working for the most vulnerable segments of the society, such as, deprived children and women, to integrate them into main stream society through providing them education, shelter and trainings. During its operation the organisation has served hundreds of children, who were full orphan or semi orphan and could not even afford basic living. Through BKN hundreds of women and men from deprived community have benefited from techno, agro and skill based vocational trainings.

At present there are around 30 toddlers and 3 teachers in the Day Care Center. BKN gave the opportunity to two of the orphan girls to study to become teacher at the day care center.

There are also 110 students who are being followed up (they used to be part of the hostel that was closed 3 years ago because of donor cessation). They receive uniforms and books every year.

In the premises of the project there are several buildings, one of which is used for training classes. Other spaces are rented out to another NGO (Saro Eco Learning Resort) to conduct awareness programmes such as fire fighting, disaster management, eco-farming. Recently they added other programmes like sewing lessons for women.

All fo these activities are conducted with sustainability at its core. The whole project is constructed as a eco friendly model village aimed at making minimal effect to the environment with usage of renewable energies from various sources, bio fuel and efficient waste management.